Ample Collection

Scorto™ Ample Collection
Solution for Debt Management and Collection

Scorto™ Ample Collection is a tailored solution specifically for debt management and debt collection process automation.
The key processes performed by Scorto™ Ample Collection are:

  • Debtor segmentation and prioritization; „
  • Differentiation of the measures taken to prevent late „payments and collect existing debts;
  • Development of collection strategies, testing, „deployment and running;
  • Collection efficiency and levels performance „monitoring.

Key Features and Advantages

Based on proven scoring technologies and in-depth knowledge of debt management process Scorto™ Ample Collection utilizes industry best practices for debt management. The solution provides:

  • Flexible management of several portfolios „ / credit products;
  • Assistance throughout the full cycle of debt „recovery, including First Dunning Level, Second Dunning Level and Third Dunning Level;
  • Customizable workplaces and document templates;
  • Use of scoring models and collection rules to evaluate, rate and segment borrowers;
  • Maximum automation of levels’ actions „ : SMS / e-mail auto-sending, auto-calls, letter auto-printing;
  • Automated interaction between collection „departments (First Dunning Level, Second Dunning Level and Third Dunning Level);
  • Specialized reporting „ — levels / branches performance, amount of repayment, delinquency transition, promise-to-pay made / kept statistics, effort analysis etc.

These features enablemunicipalities and Government agencies to organize debt management processes more effectively, thus ensuring higher quality and success.
For organizations this means:

  • 30—50 % decrease in time and thus minimum expenditure on managing problem borrowers;
  • 25—50 % increase in the volume of repaid loans;
  • Exact evaluation and rating of problem loan portfolio  for subsequent reselling