Fraud Barrier

Scorto Fraud Barrier is a flexible fraud prevention solution based on cutting-edge fraud detection technologies in
combination with advanced decision analytics, rules-driven engine and intuitive fraud case analysis tools. Fraud Barrier
stops fraud before it happens by detecting and isolating potentially fraudulent applications.

  • Protect your organization from all types of application and transaction fraud.
  • Dramatically reduce fraud losses with accurate fraud prevention.
  • Seamlessly integrate fraud detection with your current infrastructure and business processes.
  • Checking its data against varying details of previously detected fraudulent applications.
  • Checking application data against external value-added databases,such as government terrorist lists or credit bureau fraud lists.
  • Looking for abnormal, atypical or extreme values in application fields through a comparison with values distribution in multiple similar customer sub-segments.
  • Validating application data for consistency, veracity and conformity with known national, industrial, organizational and other limitations.
  • Scoring each application using fraud scoring models that can be based on logistic regression,decision trees, neural networks and other advanced data mining technologies.
  • Calculating proximity to “ideal customer” or to “fraud customer”.

The process
1. Fraud Identification:  The core of the solution is the comprehensive fraud detection engine that scans each application using a series of fraud detection scenarios. All the detected inconsistencies, matches with known fraudulent data, extreme values, suspicious entries and atypical information for a certain group of customers are ranked and converted to a set of alerts and warnings.
2. Detected Fraud Analysis: Every potentially fraudulent application is automatically forwarded for review and analysis by the Fraud Analysis team.