Solution for Customer Management

Scorto™ Behavia is a customer strategy management solution equipped with automation of Basel II calculations, customer rating and segmentation.
Scorto™ Behavia is based upon proven behavioral scoring and customer data analysis technologies and will provide you with a solid background for decision making in:

  • Credit limit management; „
  • Risk-based pricing; „
  • Recurring loan origination; „
  • Cross- and up-sells; „
  • and many more.

Key Features and Advantages
Scorto™ Behavia provides a full toolkit for regular customer assessment throughout the entire loan lifecycle. The solution is based on proven behavioral scoring technologies, used for assessing customer account dynamics and thus allowing the lender to evaluate evenly, the potential risks and profit opportunities that might arise due to the borrower’s income and behavior.  This makes it possible to not only detect deteriorating.

  • Basel II data storage and management; „
  • Behavioral scorecards development; „
  • Estimation of PD, EAD, LGD and other parameters „ required for calculating the RWA;
  • Internal ratings-based development of Basel II capital „adequacy reporting.

These tasks are effectively solved due to a number of specific Scorto™ Behavia features:

  • Customer-level management through creating „customer profiles;
  • Ability to build comprehensive assessment „algorithms comprising consequential scoring models, calculations, business rules;
  • Ability to apply several assessment algorithms to one „customer and calculate complex ratings;
  • Automated portfolio segmentation and ability to „ apply different assessment algorithms to different portfolio segments;
  • Flexible and easy to adjust calculations, ratings and „segmentation rules;
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities; „
  • Integrated ad-hoc reporting with notifications and „alerts.